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Fashion Goes Wild at NYFW: Collina Strada Steals the Show at New York Fashion Week 2023

By Jessica Mora

Yesterday at New York Fashion Week, Collina Strada presented a runway show like no other. The show featured models wearing clothes adorned with strange animal life, from a horse-shaped headpiece to a crocodile-shaped bag. It was filled with whimsy and surrealism, with a color palette of pinks, blues, and greens. The models were wearing brightly colored clothing, with details such as a bright pink horse on the front of a dress, and a crocodile bag with a face. The experience was a celebration of animals and nature, with the intention of bringing awareness to the importance of protecting the environment. It featured a live performance from an artist playing a music box, as well as a spoken word performance from an environmental activist. At the end of the show, designer Hillary Taymour addressed the audience with a message of hope and optimism, saying “I believe that through creativity, we can make change.” She then asked the audience to stand up and join her in a chant of “love, respect, protect.” It was certainly memorable, and it's clear that Collina Strada is not afraid to make a statement. With their unique and whimsical designs, the brand is sure to be making more of an impact at NYFW in the future.

1/8 Photo: George Chinsee

2/8 Photo: George Chinsee

3/8 Photo: George Chinsee

4/8 Photo: George Chinsee

5/8 Photo: George Chinsee

6/8 Photo: George Chinsee

7/8 Photo: George Chinsee

8/8 Photo: George Chinsee


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