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Clothing Investments Every Woman Should Consider

Spring cleaning is upon us! It's time to clean out our closets and donate or sell the pieces that no longer fit or that no longer excite us. As we go through our closets, we should consider investing in timeless staples that we'll always use, no matter which trends come and go. Here are some pieces that all women should have on hand.

1. Pumps

Calvin Klein: Women's Gayle Pumps

Every woman needs a classy pair of pumps at her disposal. It's a good idea to invest in a basic, good quality pump. While heels with bold colors or intricate designs make a lovely addition to our shoe collections, they can be more difficult to pair. A more neutral pump can match a greater variety of outfits or styles. Calvin Klein, Aldo, Nine West, or DSW are great places to find good quality pumps at different price points.

2. A Flattering Pair of Pants

Madewell: 10" High-Rise Skinny Jeans

A flattering pair of pants can make or break an outfit. More importantly, well-fitting pants can give an incredible feeling of confidence, which is a feeling that all women deserve. So, think about a pair of pants you want to invest in! Do you love a pair of high rise jeans? Need a comfortable but stylish pair of dress pants? Or want something that makes a statement? Whatever the case is, make some time to shop around for a pair of pants you love and that will always make you feel good.

3. A Nude Bra

Savage x Fenty: Strapless Bra in Brown & Nude

How many times have you fallen into the trap of buying a white bra and thinking that it will match your favorite white top perfectly? The frustrating reality is that it's difficult to ensure that a white bra will be the right match for a white top, especially if the top is sheer. I've learned from personal experience that a nude bra is a safer, easier to match option for light colored tops. Savage x Fenty, Aerie, and Victoria's Secret are some of my favorites for cute, quality bras at different price points.

4. An Accessory You Always Wear

Are you the queen of belts? Love a chic handbag? Or never leave the house without a hat or hair scarf? Make an investment in whichever accessory speaks to you, especially if it's something you'll wear often. A good quality, versatile accessory can go a long way in bringing your outfits to the next level.


Some things are worth investing in, especially if they're classy, timeless pieces that can be paired with a variety of styles. Although you may spend more money on a quality piece, it actually saves you money and effort in the future. One of the downsides of fast fashion is that the more affordable brands or pieces, although trendy, are made to fall apart quickly. You'll spend more money to replace these items and become disappointed in the process -- either disappointed that a piece you loved fell apart in a short period of time, or disillusioned that you're stuck in a cycle of buying cheap clothes that fall apart quickly. If it's possible for your wallet, invest in clothing with longevity and versatility. Trust me, you'll be thankful you did.


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