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Brandon Maxwell’s Fall '23 Collection is Bold and Fashion Forward

By, Andi Manakdan

Brandon Maxwell is no stranger to the runway. His work is consistently welcomed with anticipation at NYFW and this year was no different. This Fall collection was subtly sexy and had a beautiful vibrant energy making it perfect for any daytime or evening occasion.

The color palette featured neutral colors with several monochromatic moments like these two looks shown below. Other key themes were flared sleeves, long knitted dresses, and wide-leg shorts. There were also many garments in this collection that brought attention to the torso using cropped jackets and blouses that hang below the waistline.

This collection is cozy and fierce. It could make any woman feel confident in her authenticity.

“I used to really build these shows as defining moments of my life and I’m more interested now in them being days of my life and not defining 7 minutes of my life,” Maxwell told Reuters after the show.

The woman who will be wearing this collection is a badass. She’s booked and busy. While on her way to meet colleagues for a glass of chardonnay at happy hour she slicks her hair back into a ponytail, because she woke up a bit late. Then she grabs her signature oversized leather clutch, leaving the house intentionally forgetting to put on her second earing for just a touch of sparkle.

[Photos courtesy of Vogue Runway]


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