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Beyonce's Iconic Return to the Stage: Watch her 2022 Oscar Performance of 'Be Alive'

Beyonce opens the 2022 Oscars with 'Be Alive'. In case you forgot, we still are living in Beyonce's world. The 40 year old living Icon gave us an ornate performance of the King Richard song, introduced by Venus and Serena Williams. The song marks Beyoncé’s first Academy Award nomination and was co-written with artist Dixson. The performance took place via Saellite from a Compton tennis court the Williams sisters praticed and got their start.

The Beyhive has been anticipating what the Queen would do since it was reported she was scheduled to perform at the Oscars. Rumors about Beyonce performance concept almost robbed us of this iconic performance. But in true Mrs.Carter fashion, she reminds us to "Bow Down."

Watch the performance below:

King Richard, the film is also nominated Best Picture starring Best Actor nominee Will Smith as the patriach of the legendary sister tennis duo.

Blue Ivy was spotted in the group of dancers alongside Beyonce dripped in her neon looking every spit of her mom and dad. Fans immediately took to Twitter to praise the singer and Blue.

"Beyonce, Beyonce, sis it feels good to Be Alive in living in your world," wrote one fan, with another adding, "King Bey is effortlessly stunning, like what did we do to deserve her.?

Overall we are loving the neon tennis inspired wardrobe ensemble the band and backup talent was wearing. It appears to be IVY Park clothing as well, we noticed the Adidas three stripes.

Get into the looks.

We also can look forward to Beyonce's afterparty look. Its been rumored she's expected to join husband Jay Z for his official Oscar's afterparty at the Chateau Marmont, according to Page Six.


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