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A Night of Icons and Iconic Fashion at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Gala

by Erin Moonyeen Haley

It was only a year ago that the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures debuted its star-studded gala to celebrate its movie memorabilia, which includes everything from Dorothy Gale’s culture-rocking ruby red slippers to an annotated page of Gregory Peck’s To Kill a Mockingbird script, where the actor's penciled thoughts graffiti the page.

This year, the spotlight was back on the museum with yet another soiree. Presented by Rolex, the platinum shindig saluted Julia Roberts and her three-decades-long career with an Icon Award while also paying homage to visionaries Steve McQueen and Tilda Swinton.

Swinton won the Visionary Award for her cinematic corpus, having played characters who have not only stretched audience imaginations to the point of bursting, but have also populated stories that have redefined fairy tale arcs and psychological dramas. Roberts, meanwhile, was praised by Jacqueline Stewert, Director and President of the Academy Museum for embodying “iconic characters and memorable roles.”

Even though the evening was designed to remind both industry insiders and avant-garde outliers about the importance of film preservation and of recognizing cinema as an educational medium, the stars themselves were decked out and dolled up, apropos of Tinseltown culture.

Amal Clooney was praised as one of the night's 'buzziest ' attendees by Vogue, her strapless lime meringue silk tulle gown designed by Daniel Del Core, formerly of Gucci. (Oh, and George looked pretty swanky too.)

Jodie Turner-Smith pulled off the burlesque mermaid aesthetic in her neon sea green Gucci gown that swept around her in languid elegance. Edged with Adriatic-blue feathers and paired with a black velvet choker, the nightlife was all but summoning its chanteuse.

With her strawberry locks channeling Veronica Lake sultriness, Jessica Chastain wore Oscar de la Renta silk chiffon, pairing the cape with an aura of nonchalance.

Keke Palmer mixed business with pleasure in a Wayman and Micah suit trimmed with bright blue pompoms for a whimsical flourish.

In the end, there was not a look that didn't strike a fashionable chord of individuality befitting the tenor of the evening.

Photos courtesy of Vogue Runway and Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.


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