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A New Way to Groom Yourself for the Summer: Sugaring

by Melody Rivera

Summer is right around the corner and we are all dreading going for our waxing appointments. Waxing is so painful and expensive—however, it is the only thing that gives a smooth finish and lasts longer than just shaving…well, at least what we thought so until today. A different type of hair removal that can give the same results with less pain and expenses is sugaring. Sugar paste is a mixture of only three ingredients: lemon, sugar and water. The application process is the same as waxing but with different ingredients which give you more benefits. It is natural and exfoliates your skin. It is also less painful and eventually gives a reduction of hair growth. Furthermore, it is safer for sensitive skin and the lemon helps lighten dark areas like the underarms. If you are not comfortable waxing yourself, there are multiple sugaring centers around the country that specialize in this specific method of hair removal. This is definitely a service that is worth trying, especially if you dread waxing as much as I do. This summer is all about looking and feeling good. Sugaring might be the perfect solution to keeping us groomed for our many beach days to come.


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