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The Hottest Releases in March 2021

By Melody Rivera

Many clothing brands are getting ready for the spring and will be releasing their collections this month. We will see a lot of items that are very different than what is already out. You need at least one from every launch in your closet this spring.

Everybody knows the legendary Birkenstock sandals that have taken over the last two summers. The brand decided to partner with students from Central Saint Martins, a very prestigious fashion school in England, to come up with their new line. The limited-edition collection will have 4 brand new styles and 1 archive from past sandals. This design is very different from the basic Birkenstock model that everyone loves, but it is worth taking a look at.

Kelly Rowland is partnering with JustFab to release a new collection that features every clothing item you can think of: shoes, tank tops, sweaters, dresses, etc. Her inspirations for this collection were ethnic models like Nykhor Paul, Diana Veras, and Pritika Swarup. This collection is absolutely gorgeous and has a piece for every person’s style.

Cuyana releases a double-loop bag. The bag comes in a regular and mini size. They originally became popular because of their oversized double-loop bag, but this new collection makes it a little more travel-friendly is perfect for carrying just what you need. This brand has always kept high-quality and sustainable leather goods at the top of their priorities, so this collection will definitely be just as good as the rest. Although the launch doesn’t actually come out till May, the pre-order is happening now so this is the perfect time to start browsing the line.

Everyone needs a new piece for their spring closets, so this is definitely the time to start checking out new collections like the ones stated above. This spring is the time to experiment so try looking at as many collections as possible, so you have all the best items by the end of March.


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