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Ralph Lauren fall/winter 2022-23 collection

“My fall/winter 2022 collection is a celebration of the timeless style of black and white emboldened in the sleek lines of tailored silhouettes for both men and women. As we come back together, I wanted to share it in an intimate environment within the iconic beauty of the museum of modern art in New York city”, Ralph Lauren about his collection.

Ralph Lauren’s uses a two-color collection, black and white, to which some touches of red were added to top and contrast; the tartan pattern in jackets and coats, dresses and shirts, as well as accessories. Another key element that helped to elevate this collection were the sparkles; glitter both in sequins and crystal, distributed in dresses, jackets, sweaters, blazers, pants, heels and flats. The entire collection literally sparkled under the runway lights.

With his Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection, Lauren truly reaffirms his love for his country and the city where he grew up.


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