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Pharrell Teams Up With Chanel to Launch Mentorship Program for Black and Latinx Entrepreneurs

As if we needed another reason to love thee Skateboard P anymore than we already do. Music mogul Pharrell William's non-profit Black Ambition has teamed up with cult favorite French powerhouse . Although this is not their first collaboration, it is why that is really going to make an impact for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Chaneland Pharrell will be launching two-part mentorship program for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs. Watch the video below to dig deeper in how the initiative benefits the culture and how you can sign up.

The main takeaway.... he noted.

“Even when you have a great business plan you might not find the right operators,” Pharrell explained. “[The mentorship program] teaches you all of those things. Success really does have a lot of authors. Usually when you say ‘success has a lot of authors’ it’s a dig at people who didn’t do something but are taking the credit. In this particular sense when it comes to running a business, success does have a lot of authors – there are a lot of signatures needed to cosign to get a brand new idea off the ground.”

Source: Vanity Fair & Hypebeast

Image/ Video Credit: Google / Youtube


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