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Black Owned Jewelry Businesses we should be talking about…

Black Support on Black Jewels

Written by: Aiyana Hardy

Why Jewelry?

Black people have worn jewelry as well as created jewelry for years, it represents a statement, a sense of luxury. During this time when we wanted to uplift black creators and their work, we decided diving into the black jewelry box was the next best step. Here are some fresh black owned jewelry brands you should know about...

Johnny Nelson

A New York based creator who has taken jewelry to a whole new level. As we all know gold is flattering to the brown skin and Johnny Nelson’s pop of influential characters only adds to that aesthetic. Johnny Nelson takes popular characters as well as historical characters and makes them a part of fashion. The facial details on the Harriet Tubman ring, bringing her to light. It was a smart and interesting way to allow people to remember her. A great conversational piece. We then have items such as the black panther to represent our first black superhero film. Not only that but I now look at it as a way to remember our King of Wakanda, played by the late Chadwick Boseman. These items range from 125.00 dollars to even 1000.00 dollars. Yes a bit on the pricey side but they are well crafted as well as made from fine metals and stones that go into these statement pieces that give so much to your look which makes it all worthwhile.

No Saint Jewelry

No Saint Jewelry is another gem that I found to be very aesthetically pleasing. I know that the world is into crystals and balance this year, and this brand will give you that sparkly healing you’ve been looking for. My favorite piece from this brand would have to be the earth stone bracelets. Each one is held up by a thin metal chain giving you a simplistic but memorable fashion statement. Most of the items are 25.00 dollars to 30.00 dollars. You will not be disappointed by these items, they are bold, they are fierce, they are no saint. Embrace that shameless, unapologetic side of you through your style.

Jam & Rico

Last, but certainly not least, we have Jam & Rico. Jam & Rico stand for Jamaica and Puerto Rico. This Jewelry brand is inspired by the Caribbean and Latin American countries. Their cultures combined create the vibrant pieces that are Jam & Rico. I appreciate this jewelry brand because it has so much meaning to it. The company takes the time to travel to these countries and gain real life experience that is reflected into the jewelry they sell. As soon as you go to the website you are instantly pulled in through the colorful design that goes past just jewelry. If you’re looking to rep your culture in your everyday style this is the place to go.


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