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Ash Brown Hair: It's a Summer Vibe

by Melody Rivera

Without damaging our hair tremendously, we are able to keep our locks gorgeous and bright with an ash-brown tone. That’s right ladies—blonde is out for the first time this summer. We are seeing a bunch of influencers and celebrities rocking ash-brown hair. This is especially perfect for the girls that do not like warm tones in their hair but also do not want to bring their hair up to a platinum blonde color. This hair is perfect for every season, but it will make you stand out this summer. Everyone usually has the ordinary blonde balayage or highlights, but after this long year, it’s time to be original and try a color that will make you stand out. This tone is not a lot of maintenance at all and will not cost you an arm and a leg at a salon.

Summer is only a month away, so we need to start preparing ourselves for our best summer yet.


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