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A Conversation with Lexie Brown

Lexie Brown isn't just another name on the WNBA roster. Sure, her crossovers are mesmerizing, and her shots leave fans breathless. But delve deeper, and you'll discover a woman of remarkable substance. Brown is a rising star who juggles the demands of professional basketball with a burgeoning career in sports media, a love for fashion, and a dedication to advocating for those facing chronic illness. Brown's journey into the world of broadcasting started in an unconventional way. Her initial ambition wasn't to be in front of a camera, but to work within the front office of a WNBA team.

However, the digital age had other plans.

Lexie brown

Interview: Joshua Pandy

Photo Credits: Athletes Unlimted

Brown established a strong social media presence, attracting fans not just with her on-court prowess but also with her witty personality. Brown says “I don't walk into the podcast every day. And I'm like, Ooh, what am I gonna say to go viral today? I just say things. And they clip it in a way for it to go viral.”These online interactions caught the attention of basketball legend Gilbert Arenas, paving the way for a surprising opportunity. In 2023, Brown co-hosted "The Gilbert Arenas Show," stepping into the world of sports media.

It wasn't an easy transition. Brown has had to develop a thick skin in the face of potential criticism, navigating the delicate space of offering insightful commentary. But for Brown, the challenges are outweighed by the thrill of offering a unique perspective. She says “being in the media space, you find yourself sometimes criticizing players or having opinions on players—it's cool being a current player still, because I feel like I provide that balance”.

 Lexie Brown

Finding Her Voice: A New Generation of Women's Basketball Voices

Brown's approach to social media is refreshing. While there's always a chance of going viral with a well-timed post, Brown prioritizes authenticity and using her platform to share thoughtful opinions. "Slowly becoming one of these basketball voices in women's space that you know, we have Candace Parker, we got Chiney Ogwumike. But, you know, after those two, like, I feel like it's me, and I'm next up" Brown sees herself as part of a new generation of WNBA players who are unafraid to use their voices. These women, she believes, are following in the footsteps of pioneers like Candace Parker, carving their own space within the sports media landscape.

Stepping away from the court, Brown's personality shines through when she talks about fashion. Her style is a playful and ever-evolving kaleidoscope – a testament to her adventurous spirit. Pinterest serves as her mood board, allowing her to explore a variety of aesthetics. When it comes to putting together an outfit, Brown prioritizes discovery above all else. "Sometimes, I have a certain aesthetic to go with a certain hairstyle I know certain aesthetics is not gonna work with this hairstyle or this hair color. And I think that's the fun part about fashion" Brown acknowledges she's not a self-proclaimed fashion guru, but her passion lies in the creative process itself. " I looked back—my outfits were a disaster, they were a mess. But at the time, it was poppin’. But looking back, I was like, What did you have on? But like, that's the fun part about discovering your personal style and evolving and seeing trends come and go and come back. So yeah, it's just fun."

 Lexie Brown

Overcoming Obstacles: A Champion for Health Awareness

Brown demonstrates true courage by openly discussing her battle with Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. It wasn't an easy journey. For a long time, Brown dealt with unexplained symptoms, leaving her with confusion and frustration. Finally receiving a diagnosis brought relief. It allowed her to understand what was happening to her body and establish a treatment plan to manage the disease. "The hardest thing dealing with that was not knowing what was going on. And it was every day, something new was wrong. And I'm just like, am I doing something to my body, am I not taking care of it like I should’ve?" Her openness inspires others battling similar challenges. Through her play time with the Athletes Unlimited (AU) league she gives back to organizations that bring awareness and support to those suffering from Crohn's and other inflammatory bowel disease.

A Network of Support: Building a Career with a Strong Foundation

Brown's journey wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the supportive network that has empowered her throughout her multifaceted career. She speaks with immense gratitude about the understanding she received from her team, the Los Angeles Sparks, and her podcast team during challenging periods related to her health and her leadership role in a new professional league for women's sports Athletes Unlimited. Brown's first return to professional play took place this past season with Athletes Unlimited, it is there she tested her strength to return to the court full time against fellow WNBA players. Brown also tested her front office skills, acting as chair of the Player Executive Committee for Athletes Unlimited Pro Basketball. Brown is acutely aware that the opportunities that have come her way wouldn't have been possible without the people who believed in her. "And then these people like everyone was just like, very supportive and understanding of what I was dealing with and I couldn't have asked for a better organization," she says.

Lexie Brown

Giving Back: Championing Empathy and Understanding

Lexie Brown's compassion extends beyond the basketball court. She actively uses her platform to raise awareness about chronic illnesses like Crohn's disease. She emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding, particularly for those who struggle with "invisible" conditions. "But just having like a little bit of education and just supporting them through their rough days. And then when they're having good days, just treat them how they normally are." Brown's advocacy efforts extend beyond social media. Brown’s insight on education and the importance of being present was beautifully said and helpful.

A Role Model for the Next Generation

Lexie Brown's story transcends the wins and losses on the basketball court. She is a down to earth role model who redefines what it means to be a successful athlete. Brown's journey is an inspiration to young girls everywhere, proving that they can excel in athletics while pursuing their passions beyond the court. Whether it's fashion, broadcasting, or social media, Brown demonstrates that success comes from embracing your individuality and using your platform to empower others. As Lexie Brown looks towards the future, her potential seems limitless. On the court, her dedication and talent promise an exciting career in the WNBA and the Athletes Unlimited Pro Basketball. But Brown's ambitions extend far beyond the hardwood. Her success in sports media highlights her potential as a broadcaster. Brown's journey is a testament to the power of hard work, resilience, and the unwavering support of loved ones. As she continues to juggle her athletic career & media pursuits, one thing is certain: Lexie Brown is a warm, powerful, & comedic voice in the WNBA to look out for.

Lexie Brown is challenging Nepo-baby status. She’s the Daughter of Tammy and NBA Player Father Dee Brown. Her father played twelve years in the NBA as a point guard, most notably for the Boston Celtics, with whom he won the 1991 Slam Dunk Contest. Lexie is building her own legacy, the 29-year-old basketball star is in her “Jordan era” where things are just falling into place. Included in her career highlights is her accolades for being a shooting phenom, she has overcome the challenge of injuries to have a fruitful career including serving with the LA Sparks. Her off-the-court highlights include hosting Gilbert Arenas Show and serving as an ambassador for Fashion Nova.

Keep up to date with Brown's whirlwind of projects and journey as a basketball star here.

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